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Can Our Concrete Jungles Function as Natural Hydrologic Systems?

Our built environments, including infrastructure and man-made elements, along with the residents of it are interconnected with the natural ecological systems that occupy the same spaces. A demographic shift is occurring as a growing proportion of the population moves into urban areas (McDonald, 2008). Close to 80% of the US population currently resides in urbanized […]

The Highest Form of Flattery: mimicking wetlands for stormwater management

Wetlands provide numerous ecosystem services that are often completely overridden by the urban environment and fabric of the city grid. Wetlands often exist at locations in the landscape that are competitively desired for anthropogenic uses, such as agriculture – for their fertility – or business -for their adjacency to navigable waters. Historically, wetlands were a […]

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s GI Plan for Cleveland

As the city of Cleveland, OH works to manage its stormwater in a more sustainable way and renew abandoned urban properties characterized by post-industrial blight, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NORSD) is contributing significantly by developing and implementing a Green Infrastructure (GI) Plan.  Overflow of stormwater into sewer systems spikes the “billions of gallons […]

Stakeholders working together to integrate Arlington’s green infrastructure efforts

There are numerous stakeholders working together to support Arlington green infrastructure initiatives. Arlington County’s strategy for community engagement has been to incentivize homeowner and neighborhood participation at the site-scale. This can be contrasted with the MetroGreen plan in Kansas City, which encourages partnerships among businesses and organizations toward regional goals and projects. Stakeholder partnerships are […]

Green Funding: Arlington County, VA

        “All those who live, work, and visit Arlington County now and in the future will enjoy the benefits of healthy and safe watersheds and all people will take active responsibility for the stewardship of Arlington’s water resources.” ACDES vision statement   Retrofitting Arlington County The majority of Arlington County’s stormwater management funding originates from general funding […]

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