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Financing Green Infrastructure: Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan

The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP) is an “ambitious, community-driven, multi-species habitat conservation and urban growth planning process…intended to eventually set aside approximately 440,000 acres to help preserve sensitive species and critical wildlife habitat” (Friends of Saguaro National Park). In addition to habitat preservation, the plan aims to preserve cultural and historical resources. The SDCP […]

Voluntary Implementation of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan: So far, so good

Pima County, AZ set out on a mission to revise its land use practices in 1998 after discovering the endangered pygmy owl.  It has resolved to meet a lofty, yet valiant, goal: to “ensure the long-term survival of the full spectrum of plants and animals that are indigenous to Pima County through maintaining or improving […]

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s GI Plan for Cleveland

As the city of Cleveland, OH works to manage its stormwater in a more sustainable way and renew abandoned urban properties characterized by post-industrial blight, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NORSD) is contributing significantly by developing and implementing a Green Infrastructure (GI) Plan.  Overflow of stormwater into sewer systems spikes the “billions of gallons […]

Integrating Design into Green Infrastructure Objectives

In March 2006, the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan was created to improve the stream corridor in the City of Alexandria and Arlington County. This project seeks to incorporate architectural design with environmentally-friendly techniques to create a form of green design in order to restore the stream channel and wildlife habitat while still providing […]

MARC GI Indicators

Monitoring and Data Collection for Kansas City’s MetroGreen Green Infrastructure Project

Green infrastructure (GI) has abundant promise for improving development practices to support necessary ecosystem services and sustain community health.  GI is a broad and emerging field; given financial constraints and organizational hurdles, its best application can often be nebulous.  Effectively implementation of green infrastructure can be improved using scientific monitoring and data collection to compile […]

Potential Political Opposition against the MetroGreen

The MetroGreen is a project aimed to connect 1,144 miles of green spaces and trails across seven counties in Kansas and Missouri: Platte, Leavenworth, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay, Jackson, and Cass. Despite the work they have done so far of protecting 91,000 acres of riparian areas, I imagine there may be challenges up ahead in terms […]

Green Funding: Kansas City Region

“The region’s 125 municipalities and nine counties support the MetroGreen Vision, but, while several counties and municipalities have local funding sources, local financial commitments vary widely. Local property, parks, and stormwater taxes…resulted in the first 200 miles of greenway creation.”   Funding the Vision MetroGreen began as a plan to preserve recreational areas for the Mid-America […]

Keys to Garnering Public Support with Outreach Materials: The Kansas City Region

Exciting, engaging, motivating, and heartfelt:  The keys to garnering public support for Green Infrastructure 

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