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Missouri Riverfront Trail: A success of Kansas City’s MetroGreen Project

Opened on August 29, 2008 as a multi-use biking and walking trail, the Missouri Riverfront Trail (MRT) in Platte County has proven a major success of the MetroGreen initiative.  Comprised of 3.5 miles of trails and greenways running from E.H Young Park to Burlington Creek the MRT was a collaborative effort between various public and private partners including Platte County, the City of Riverside, the City of Parkville and the Riverside Quindaro Levee Board.   From the outset, these partners wanted to ensure the trail would work to provide a direct link between people and nature while protecting the natural environment and increasing the bond between the municipalities involved.

Two factors greatly contributed to the trails success, the first being the overwhelming citizen support and involvement throughout the planning and implementation process as well as the input and cooperation from the Riverside Quindaro Levee Board (ROLB).  The MRT is unique in that it is the only trail in the state of Missouri which spans a levee.  This locational factor required extensive research by the municipalities to guarantee the safety and stability of the levee now and into the future.  Due to this delicate balance, it was one of the prime initiatives of the planners to preemptively determine the concerns the ROLB would raise in order to brainstorm innovative and sustainable solutions to the levee’s incorporation into the trail.  A second unique element of the trails construction was the strong commitment made by all citizens who agreed to a half cent sales tax increase to go to the Platte County Parks and Recreation  Department who funded a majority of the project through the tax increase and a $100,000 grant from the State.

Since its opening, the MRT has created a greater sense of community for the region as well as a boost in the physical, social and economic health of the localities.  Not only is it a local favorite with over 200 people utilizing the trail daily the MRT has also become a regional destination.  Ultimately, the Missouri Riverfront Trail should serve as an example of an effective and efficient public private partnership that worked to protect and preserve irreplaceable resources in the area while utilizing those resources for the benefit of the people.  In recognition of the trails great success, the MRT was nominated for a Partnership Award as a part of the 2010 National Trails Awards.  Furthermore, Platte County received a National Association of Counties Award in 2009 for its innovation in sustainable trail design.

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