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Green infrastructure in the headlines

A recent report by Jim Robbins posted on the Yale e360 blog about the  benefits of green infrastructure was picked up by several major news sources including The Guardian and Christian Science Monitor.  The articles tout the economic efficiency of green infrastructure solutions, primarily as a stormwater management strategy, but also acknowledging the broader range of benefits green infrastructure provides to communities and cities. Pointing to Edmonston, Maryland as a classic example of the multifunctionality of green infrastructure, Robbins quotes Neil Weinstein, executive director of the Low Impact Development Center,

“We also wanted to improve thestreetscape, provide local jobs, and reduce traffic flow.  Green infrastructure is really about livable cities.”

Robbins conclusion?  “Green infrastructure is likely to take off, not only in the U.S. but across the world.”

Again quoting Weinstein, “It pretty much has to… More than a thousand communities have [sewage overflow] problems. We have tons of urban areas and the infrastructure is at the end of its lifecycle.” And because of the cost, he said, “You can’t do it conventionally. We need new tools.

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