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Denver’s South Platte River revitalization as GI & economic development

Despite it’s vast watershed reaching up into the peaks of the Rockies, the South Platte River is a meandering shallow river running through Denver that until the mid-1970s was largely neglected.  Not any more.  Today, tremendous energy and resources are being dedicated to restoring the South Platte River through Denver, not only for its ecological benefits, but also as an economic revitalization strategy.  Investing in providing access to the water and bike paths along the river corridor has sparked renewed interest in recreational, retail, and even residential business in the previously marginalized riverfront area of the city.

The Greenway Foundation has served as the primary catalyst for Denver’s green infrastructure work, bringing together a wide variety of partners including city and state government, a variety of NGOs, and  private corporations to invest time, resources, and their support to bringing the South Platte Riverfront back to life for Denver.  This year, partners in this network are mobilizing around the need to restore the natural banks and sinuosity of the river to provide habitat for trout that have long been strangers in the river.


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