Comfortable Holidays With Timeshares

It is practically summer and holidays are getting closer and closer to enjoy this break with family or friends, and the only thing we want is to get away from work and school to enjoy a quiet space where people feel comfortable and enjoy the best holidays. One of the best ways to make the most of your vacation is to stay in a timeshare vacation property.

What is a timeshare?

It refers to the group of people, mostly families, who share a vacation property cost in a strong tourism space, may be in fixed hotels, houses or tourist residences. The people who usually rent this type of property is with a period of time of one or two weeks. There is an annual fee, where people can enjoy the services and elements that offer this type of houses. If you want to purchase a timeshare is necessary to know the rules of spaces and their operation, these houses, condominiums or hotel rooms are ideal for those who travel a lot without having to worry about a space and you can make a reservation at the time you want.

The truth is that this type of reservations has had a very bad reputation due to continuous frauds that people came to make to get money, however, despite this bad reputation, many people have returned to opt for this type of rental mode because of the comfort, prices and security that these places offer. Timeshare buyers can choose between different units, depending on the space or owners offering them. One of the most popular and common options on the market are:

  • Fixed time: The length of stay for one or two weeks is specified.
  • Floating time: A season of the year is established in which the space will be used.
  • Divided week: The time of one or two weeks is divided into different periods of different dates of the year. Ideal for short holidays.
  • Holiday clubs through points: In this modality, points are bought (by means of certain cards or by staying frequently in a hotel) to be exchanged for rights to use a space in complexes or hotels at a certain stage of the year.

Timeshare has grown in recent years because it ensures a space without the fear that when you want a specific date there are no more places.  This type of income has increased in areas with a high demand for tourism, for example in Mexico, these modalities are quite common in destinations near the beach as Cancun, Acapulco, Huatulco, Cozumel, Manzanillo, basically in these spaces are the best resorts, where foreign traffic is the main source of income.

Of all the plans that exist in timeshares, the most profitable are the floating type, holiday clubs and finally those of fixed weeks. Mexico is among the places with the highest volume of sales and developments in the timeshare plan; to be more specific, it is the second place in the world. Finally, it is estimated that the people who rent spaces like this are mostly married, covering 85% of the members of these programs. Previously mentioned that these plans are popular in areas with tourist demand and where you find the most important resorts, fortunately, Baja California has one of the best known areas and visited by tourists in Spring Break, so if you want to buy timeshare in this area is advisable to look for a house for rent in Rosarito.