2 Main Things Homeowners Should Look for in Soil Remediation Services

If you are looking for soil remediation services, then you have clearly experienced a toxic spill on your property, or you suspect one has occurred. It is extremely important to look for the best soil remediation NJ companies that can come out, assess the situation, and remediate the dirt before the contamination can spread. It is also ideal to call for soil remediation services because if harmful pollutants enter the ground, streams or water systems, homeowners can be liable and fined by the state or Federal government, even if the soil contamination occurred before they bought their home. This article is intended to help New Jersey homeowners learn what to look for in the best soil remediation service providers to ensure they get a cost-effective, legal solution that will safeguard their family, mother nature, and the general public from any carcinogens or toxic spillage. 


What is Soil Remediation?

Soil remediation is a soil-washing process in which a strategic blueprint is engineered with the goal to extract contaminants and toxins from the ground. These contaminants can include cyanides, creosote, heavy metals, pesticides, volatiles and semivolatiles. But in the state of New Jersey whenever a homeowner calls for soil remediation, the main culprit is usually hydrocarbons like fuel residues and petroleum, and the main cause can be traced to buried oil tanks. A top soil remediation NJ team must come in, test the soil to ensure it is within the legal standards, and create a cleanup strategy to ensure residential properties, animals, and flora and fauna are protected. 


  1. Types of Soil Remediation NJ Companies Offer

To ensure you are partnering with an expert soil remediation service provider, make sure they offer multiple types and methods for remediating dirt and ground matter. There are four main types of soil remediation that include: thermal soil remediation, encapsulation, bioremediation and air sparging. A soil remediation technicians will take a number of things into account to determine which process to use. Things to consider such as pollutant types, ground condition, location, and temperature / weather will help determine the safest, most cost-effective solution to soil remediation for residential properties. If the soil remediation company offers all four types, then you can rest assured that they are on top of their game and can rescue any homeowner from any potential situation with more solutions on the table. 


  1. Oil Tank Removal Services

Since the majority of soil remediation services are needed due to leaking oil tanks, the company you hire to perform soil remediation should also be licensed and trained to locate and remove buried oil tanks. When you know for a fact or suspect there is an oil tank buried on your property that has caused soil contamination, or could require soil remediation services, time is of the essence to have the suspicion addressed and dealt with. After all, what good will your soil remediation team be if they do find a tank but aren’t trained or equipped to remove, transport and dispose of it? 

Follow these two tips and you will have the confidence knowing you have hired the best soil remediation NJ company to help you deal with the problem in a safe, timely manner.