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Building community engagement capacity for Green Streets initiative in Arlington County

In Arlington County, green infrastructure strategies for stormwater and watershed retrofits are most often implemented at the neighborhood or site-scale.  With a commitment to and a valued tradition of community engagement known as “the Arlington Way,” the county has established the Office of Neighborhood Services to assist and coordinate preservation and improvement projects for building […]

Neighborhood Progress, Inc. leads community revitalization in Cleveland

As the major catalyst in the Reimagining Cleveland community revitalization vacant land re-use plan, Neighborhood Progress Inc. (NPI) was uniquely situated to tackle the issue of urban blight.  Having operated as a community development corporation (CDC) with over 20 years of proven experience, leadership and credibility, NPI was and is equipped to be in the […]

Community Engagement through NGO Partnerships of the MetroGreen Alliance

According to Tom Jacobs, Environmental Program Director for the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), “green infrastructure is now an intrinsic part of the dialogue within the Kansas City metropolitan region.”  Much of this dialogue can be credited to the work of the MetroGreen Alliance, the organization network tasked with both building community support and coordinating local […]

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