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The Importance of Volunteers for Reimagining Cleveland

When trying to implement any project with a limited amount of resources such as money, time, and manpower, having volunteers is a godsend. Having volunteers allows projects to be implemented that otherwise wouldn’t be done if volunteers weren’t available. Reimagining Cleveland utilizes volunteers from the community to beautify their neighborhoods while simultaneously improving the environment of […]

Integrating Design into Green Infrastructure Objectives

In March 2006, the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan was created to improve the stream corridor in the City of Alexandria and Arlington County. This project seeks to incorporate architectural design with environmentally-friendly techniques to create a form of green design in order to restore the stream channel and wildlife habitat while still providing […]

Potential Political Opposition against the MetroGreen

The MetroGreen is a project aimed to connect 1,144 miles of green spaces and trails across seven counties in Kansas and Missouri: Platte, Leavenworth, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay, Jackson, and Cass. Despite the work they have done so far of protecting 91,000 acres of riparian areas, I imagine there may be challenges up ahead in terms […]

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