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ADB pushing green infrastructure for Asian megacities

The Asian Development Bank released the 2012 edition of the Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific report this week, which includes the latest available economic, financial, social, and environmental indicators for the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  This year’s report included a special chapter on Green Urbanism in Asia.  The take-away message for many Asian media outlets — Asian megacities are facing an “infrastructure timebomb”, and if the floods of the last two years are any indication, a shift towards investing in green infrastructure and green technology are of paramount importance to national safety and security.

An overview of the chapter from the ADB is below.

The special chapter on “Green Urbanization in Asia” tackles two growing concerns—environmental sustainability and rapid urbanization. Asia is home to almost half of the global urban population and is urbanizing at a pace faster than any other region, resulting in an unprecedented growth in urban residents and increased number of densely populated megacities. Consequently, the region will be confronted with even greater environmental challenges that are already serious, including air pollution, congestion, CO2 emission, deprivation in water and basic sanitation, and growing vulnerability to natural disasters. But with urbanization comes the rise of the middle-class and property owners, the development of the service sector, declining fertility and increased educational attainment, and more importantly, innovations in green technology. These urbanization-related forces and mechanism are important for attaining a win-win scenario of environmental improvement and economic growth. Through establishing and exploring the environment-urbanization nexus in Asia, the chapter offers a cautiously optimistic environmental prospect for Asia as the region urbanizes. The chapter also provides suggestions for government intervention to ensure a green urbanization path in the region.

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